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Learn More About Robot Day

What is Robot Day and why does it exist?

Robot Day is a celebration of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths (STEAM) for people of all ages. Our events showcase the value of robotics to society and raise public engagement with issues relating to robotics, automation and artificial intelligence (AI). Find out more about why the event started and our vision for the future below.

Robot Day Vision

Key Messages

  • Showcase the value of robotics to society, working with local and international partners to increase public participation

  • Raise public awareness of and engagement with issues relating to robotics, automation and AI

  • Focus on the interplay between the arts and science, technology, engineering and maths (STEAM)

  • Educate young people and those who are influential in their lives about STEAM careers

  • Promote diversity and inclusion in STEAM and address the skills shortage in the sector

  • Attract robotics, automation & artificial intelligence (AI) expertise from the UK and the world

Robot Days are free events aimed at people of all ages and backgrounds. Visitors to a typical event have the chance to build their own robot, get hands-on with coding, hear from inspirational experts about how robots improve people’s lives and experience virtual reality. There are also artistic performances and exhibits that explore the theme through creative works such as craft and dance workshops and a range of static and moving exhibits.

The event series is a fast-growing, volunteer-led celebration of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths (STEAM) founded by Institution of Engineering and Technology volunteers. Robot Days in 2019 attracted around 8500 visitors and Coventry Transport Museum doubled its all-time attendance record with 7000 through the doors on Robot Day. The 2019 events were facilitated by over 200 volunteers and inspired people of all generations with a host of interactive activities, displays, presentations and performances. Visitor feedback indicates that 72% “have a greater appreciation of engineering” and 55% “would now consider a career in engineering”.

The ambition is to build to an internationally significant series of events. The quality of the 2019 Coventry event and the number of people it attracted has shown the potential for doing that.

Robot Day seeks to attract an audience that would not normally engage with robotics and is built on the following principles:


Engineer a better world


Collaboration Venues, Professional Institutions

Academia, Industry, Schools, Community

Not for profit

Volunteer led

Inclusive and accessible to diverse audiences City centre, Free entry, Drop in

Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths

STEAM - The Importance of the Arts and Curriculum Integration

The science and engineering communities currently have a very strong focus on STEAM in education and Robot Day is a fantastic way of bringing all of that to life. The events show how technology and the arts interact to play a major part in our everyday lives with STEM inspiring the arts and the arts informing STEM in a symbiotic relationship. The partnerships developed in Derby and Coventry give us a powerful way to showcase the interplay of the various disciplines and show how a holistic, integrated approach to engineering benefits society.

Integrating science, technology, engineering and maths with the arts through STEAM initiatives is an incredibly powerful way to reach audiences that would otherwise not consider or understand how STEM subjects shape the world around us. Robot Day is a great way to celebrate our culture and heritage of invention, innovation and design to inspire a new generation of creative innovators.

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