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Turning Tumble Competition Quiz Answer Key: Robot Day Coventry 2024

At our Coventry event on Saturday 19th March 2024, we held a prize draw for people who completed a quiz created by our competition promoter Derrick Willer on the day.

Took part in our competition and want to know how you did? Or just curious? We have the answers to our quiz below!

To find out who this year's winner is, please see this post.

The correct answers to the questions are highlighted in red.



Answer 1

Answer 2

Answer 3

Answer 4

When was the first patent issued for a robot?

1948 to William Grey Walter

In 1938 to Willard V. Pollard

1939 to Konrad Zuse

1928 to Captain William Richards

How long does it take for a signal from Voyager 1 take to get to Earth?

2.2 days

22 Minutes

22 Hours

2.2 hours

Where was the first time robots were written about?

Lucian of Samosata’s Luchiana book

Alan Turing in his thesis

Olimpia singing puppet in The Sandman by Hoffman

Steam Man of the Prairies by Edward S. Ellis

How far away are the Mars Rovers when closest to Earth?

205 million Km

15 million Km

150 million Km

56 million Km

What was the first robot to use early artificial intelligence?

Shakey the Robot

Eric, a human-shaped automaton

Boilerplate robot


When was the first robot designed?

1959 at MIT university

1938 by William Pollard

1948 by William Walter

1954 by George Devol

When was the first robot used in industry?

1954 by George Devol

1961 by General Motors

1959 at MIT university

1938 by William Pollard



Answer 1

Answer 2

Answer 3

Answer 4

Which was the first computer?

IBM 101

Babbage Computer

Antikythera Mechanism

Bletchley Park Collussus

What is Scratch

A version of the computer programming language C

A high level block based computer programming language

An enhanced version of the Cobol programming language

An enhanced version of the Fortran programming language

Why do we send Earth Time to satellites such as GPS about twice a day?

Because time runs slower near massive objects such as earth and the satellite are a long way from earth’s surface so they run faster

Because all clocks have errors which cause them to run faster or slower

Because your car’s clock is connected through the internet to International Time and has a negligible error

Because the GPS clocks can run faster or slower than other clocks

When was the first working Babbage computer constructed?

1991 at Science Museum London

1939 by Konrad Zeus

1842 by Charles Babbage

2011 at National Computer Museum, Bletchley Park

When was the first computer designed?

1950 by ENIAC

1939 by Alan Turing

1939 by Conrad Zeus

First century AD

Who is credited with being the first computer programmer?

Alan Turing

Konrad Zeus

Ada King, Countess of Lovelace

Kay McNulty and others programming ENIAC

How does the Global Positioning System (GPS) system work in a car?

Using the car’s computer to work out where you are

By triangulation with at least 4 satellites using time differences

By dead reckoning from home using speed and direction

By triangulation with a satellite

How many did you already know? Comment below!

We hope all who attended Robot Day Coventry 2024 you enjoyed taking part in this competition.

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Thanks for the answers - you live and learn - even at 70!

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