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Turning Tumble Competition Winner: Robot Day Coventry 2024

We have a winner! At our Coventry event on Saturday 19th March 2024, we held a prize draw for people who completed a quiz created by our competition promoter Derrick Willer on the day.

The winner of the Turing Tumble Competition is a girl with the name beginning with F who lives in Coundon, Coventry. There were 56 entries but nobody got all answers correct. The winner was drawn from all the entries with the most correct answers.

The Turing Tumble mechanical computer is an innovative way of teaching children and adults about logic systems and the principles of computing. It is a unique way of learning, as it allows the user to see physically how a computer processes information and uses simple logic gates to complete complex tasks.

Robot Day aims to showcase the latest developments in robotics, automation, and AI, and it is a great platform to inspire young minds to take an interest in technology and innovation. We hope our lucky winner will be able to learn and enjoy the benefits of the Turing Tumble, and hope to inspire many others to discover how computers and robots work.

To view to the full answer key to this year's competition, please see this post.

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